Musical Director

Rexleigh has a versatile musical career, including as a musical director of stage musicals, and a conductor of 20-21st century compositions since 2001.

Her conducting skills lie strongly in assembling, interpreting and performing brand new compositions, by students and professional composers alike – her own works included. Here she conducts an aria called Some Say Happiness, from her own opera Lost in a Bluebell Wood.

BLUESY University of the Witwatersrand graduate composition

In Paradisum le baiser de l’enfant Jesus (own composition) with treble soloist Bernard Boekkooi and the Black Tie Ensemble featuring Goitsemang Lehobye

ESCLAVAGE ATONAL – University of the Witwatersrand graduate composition.

MARGANA by Dr Jeanne Zaidel-Rudolph at University of the Witwatersrand Atrium

Wind Quintet 4th movement by Christo Jankowitz : Doctor Musicae Composition University of Witwatersrand